Nice to meet you,

Hi! I’m Marc. A self-taught travel & wildlife photographer from The Netherlands.

With a passion for nature and travel, I fell in love with exploring new and untouched places. From the Australian outback, untamed jungles of Mexico to the rugged southern Alps of New Zealand. Our planet has incredible places and beauty to see.

What I can do for you.
Being a location-independent content creator, I am able to travel the world, share these adventures through my photography, and tell you the story behind every picture that I shoot.

Being emerged in different cultures or getting lost in the wilderness in search of that perfect picture is what I enjoy most. While it sometimes may take some patience and dedication, the results are always more than 100% worth it! Hiking a mountain at 3 am to catch the sunrise or spending days in the jungle in search of wild elephants are experiences you will never forget. That is the difference that I am able to deliver!

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Taking the leap
While working as a graphic designer for many years I began taking photos on holidays as a hobby and a means to show my friends and family the adventures I got myself into. The company I worked for at the time allowed me to travel regularly so I could practice my hobby as a photographer more and more often. I fell in love with the freedom, exploring the unknown, and seeing all of the wild animals I dreamt of as a kid.

Then, a few years ago I decided to quit my day job, ‘take the leap’ and travel the world continuously. This is where I began taking photography more seriously and started my freelance career. I realized I was starting to tailor my travel destinations around photography more and more often. Setting my alarm early morning to catch that perfect sunrise for golden hour became a rule rather than the exception. During the days I would spend my time editing or learning about new techniques and gear. Having a background in graphic design meant I knew a lot about composition, use of color, and picture editing already. Turns out all these things blend together perfectly and this helped me a lot with finding my style.

Are you really living?
I’m a strong believer in making your own luck. I’m hooked by the idea of uniqueness, being 1% better than yesterday, working for that one goal in life that makes you feel alive and proud of what you’ve achieved.
Sometimes our lives get so busy we forget to enjoy and make the best out of each moment in a day, while time seems to pass quicker than ever. It’s almost scary.

Deciding to start as a freelance photographer while seeing as much of the world as possible was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Selected awards, achievements, and press
– Awarded “Best drone picture of 2019 winner” by Kamera express